Meet Yuki!

This is my new puppy! He’s awesome!

He was born October 12th 2017.

Choosing a name that would fit him was a big challenge. Knowing that I’ll call that name multiple times a day for more than a decade, the name needed to have a certain degree of meaning. After a week of searching and debating I finally decided to name him : Yuki (yu-ki)

Why? Well, mainly because he’s all white and fluffy and “Yuki” means “snow” in Japanese!

I’ve also discovered there are some other definitions for “Yuki” that also fit him perfectly:

From Japanese  (yuki) meaning “happiness” or  (yuki) meaning “snow“. It can also come from  (yu) meaning “reason, cause” combined with  (ki) meaning “valuable“.

An amazing friend who cares for everyone. He’s one of the best friends you will ever meet in your life. He makes everyone smile and laugh. With him around, you’ll have a great life. Without him around, you wouldn’t know the definition of fun.

So there you have it, you met Yuki!

More posts to come  about Yuki and his adventures.






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