Fix MacOS Mojave stuck on loading screen boot screen

So I could not keep it together and had to update my new Iphone X to iOS 12 cause them Animoji are too addictive! But I then decided to go full on and update my Mac Book Pro to the Mojave Beta (version 10.14 Beta (18A314k)). It all went well until I had to reboot, then… Bam! It would not start and it would get stuck after the login screen even if the loading bar was full white.

Read some posts online and everyone seems to suggest a Time Machine backup to be the best solution, yet here is what worked for me.

Fix for Mojave stuck on boot screen / loading screen

  1. Boot you mac in recovery mode, hold Cmd+R after pressing the power button until you see the Apple logo.
  2. Open the DiskUtil app and mount the main drive/volume. You will get prompted for a password at first and again and again.. it does nothing. Hit cancel, and try again. You sould them see a dropdown with your user. Type in your password and now you have mounted your drive. Hurray!
  3. Open the terminal, Top Menu > Utils > Terminal. For sanity and speed, make a new terminal window with the “Pro” profile because de default one is sooooo slow!!!!
  4. First, let’s enable safe boot mode first. Type “csrutil disable” in the terminal so that you can now boot in safe mode.
  5. Then, type “cd /Volumes/Macintoch HD/Users/yourusername/Library/”. We need to get rid of some preferences.
  6. From that locatop type “mv Preferences Preferences-Old”. We made a backup and now on boot it will think it has no preferences. You might wanna also make a backup…
  7. Finally, you can plugin a usbkey and mount it (see step 2) then copy whatever you might want to save to it.. It will be under /Volumes.
  8. Ok, now click on the Apple logo in top left and hit “shut down”
  9. Boot in safe mode (Press the Shift Key and the power key at the same time and release them only when the login screen appears)
  10. It will be slow, and if you have the new “Dyanmic” desktop enabled you will see it change slowly.. Be patient. It will ask you for your password twice.
  11. Once logged in, you’ll see all your preferences are gone and not all the apps will be available.
  12. Do whatever you need to do to save some more stuff and commit your work, push it up. Do a few flips cause you got your mac up again..
  13. Ok, open a terminal, go to the old preferences folder and remove some stuff… but first, do a backup “cp -R ~/Library/Preferences-Old ~/Libray/Preferences-Backup just cause you know.. bad things happen.
  14. ok.. now type “rm ~/Library/Preferences-Old/*”
  15. then “mv ~/Library/Preferences-Old ~Library/Preferences”
  16. then “csrutil enable”
  17. Shut down
  18. Turn it back again without the Shift key

Note: If you do not need to do anything in step 12, you can remove the* folder in step 6 and save yourself the trouble of booting in safe mode. I have not tried it but it should still work. A full liste of preferences (.plist files) that might cause the bug :

  • com.adobe.*

For me the* did it! Leave a comment if deleting another plist file worked for you.

Yeah! Done.

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