Missing Payment Code on Revenu Quebec 2020 Notice of Assessment?

If you received your Notice of Assessment electronically via “My Account” there’s a good chance you’re missing the payment code. Yes, even if you have a due balance. It seems there was an issue with electronically transmitted Notices of Assessment.

Hence, you won’t be able to add Revenu Quebec as a Payee in your financial institution account using the steps described on Making a Payment on a Financial Institution’s Website. The “Identification Number” or the “Notice number” will not work if add “Revenu Québec – Code de paiement” as a payee on the financial institution.

The solution is simple. On your financial institution account, search for Mrq-import Particuliers 2020. Then, use your SIN (Social Insurance Number) as the “Account Number”. Without any spaces, just the 9 digits!

Note that this information was provided over the phone by Revenu Quebec. So this is the workaround for the moment.

You can always contact Revenu Quebec on their Contact Us page. They can provide more information about this.