How to run Mac OS X in VMware with no hardware virtualization

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The reasons you might want to run Mac OS X under a virtual machine in Windows can be many. I personally needed to try using the OS to get used to it before buying a Mac Book. The price of a Mac Book is quite high and you might not like using it. Trying and playing with the OS under VMware or VirtualBox can ease your transition before a purchase. The other reason, is to use the programs only available under Mac, for instance Xcode.

You will first need a Virtualization Software such as VMware or VirtualBox to run your Mac OS X under. I personally use Vmware Workstation 7.1.3 since I got a full licence. Once again, you don’t have to pay for it… you can get a working copy on torrent sites such as TPB or MiniNova.

Once you have your VMware installed, you will need a VMware image of the Mac OS X. There are plenty of them on the internet, again you can find them on TPB. But here comes the tricky part. Due to the “special” needed hardware to run Mac OS you will need a computer with a new version processor that supports hardware virtualization. Just before buying one of these processors and going through the trouble of changing it on my laptop, I found out that I can bypass the hardware virtualization request in VMware.

Ok, to do this you will need a VMware patch to bypass the hardware virtualization. Once you have this, you can unzip the file. The executable will look for the VMware executable file. WARNING: If you are under Windows x64, you will need to patch the executable under the [x64] folder under : “ProgramFiles/VMWare/x64/….exe” else it will not work.

You can also check these resources that I found :

I also recomend checking out the YouTube channel : ZackehhSoul

Hope this works for you, I’m having a blast learning Xcode and I’m about to finish my first Iphone App, but I’ll tell you more on this in another post!

5 thoughts on “How to run Mac OS X in VMware with no hardware virtualization

  1. YEAH, that’s what I have been looking for!
    I just did not accept the fact that Mac would not work on software virtualization (if it can 100% simulate the hardware virtualization then why the heck this limitation?)

    I knew there would be a patch for this someday and here it is… finally! Thank you so much!

  2. Hi,

    I have patch my vmware for the lion os still it give me the error the host doesnot support vt

    u have any other method i can by pass this error and load lion on my pc

    i have cor 2 duo processor with out hardware virtualisation support.

  3. Hi bro glad it worked! I have been looking for a working bypasser for a while, now the file on this websiter is deleted because of inactivity. Could you please re-upload the file to mediafire? I’d appreciate that :) thanks!

  4. OK, I will upload it when I find out where did I save it, but it won’t be on mediafire since the site it was deleted from was mediafire :D i’ll put it on rapidshare, files from my account never expire :D and they no longer have waiting times 4 download :)

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